Previous promise retracted/updated: there’s been a death in the family, so it’s going to be a bit longer.

As much a promise to myself as anything: I will be back sometime this week. Count on it.

If you’re seeing this post, it means it’s Christmas Eve and I haven’t yet returned to Tumblr due to unfinished holiday, family, and work-related business! Sorry I couldn’t be around to wish you all a merry Christmas myself, but my queue is happy to do the work for me.





If you’re seeing this post, it means you survived the apocalypse! CONGRATULATIONS!

We’ll set to work rebuilding society tomorrow. For now, rest, and try not to dream about how everything you once knew and loved is gone.

Merry Christmas! 



Hello friends, friendly followers, and other denizens of tumblr!

I’m sure you have all seen these reblog contests before, and this one really isn’t anything new. I run a small business making and selling handmade books to be used as journals or sketchbooks or just to sit on your bookshelf being pretty. So far it has just been a side hobby, but I’m about to graduate from college in a few weeks and am hoping to expand this into a full-time job.

At this point, I can’t afford to pay for advertising and still sell my books at the prices I want. I want them to be affordable for people like me (college students on a budget) but at the current quantities I’m making, I can’t afford to raise my costs without raising the price as well.

So that is where you come in. I’m relying on you, my lovely followers and fellow book-lovers of tumblr, to help spread the word so I can keep making books! And while I can’t afford to pay you directly for hitting the reblog button, I can offer you an incentive: the chance to win a handmade book delivered right to your door for Christmas! And if Christmas isn’t your thing, then just for being awesome!

AND, so that your chances don’t diminish when you repost this, the number of books I give away will increase the more people reblog this! So spread it as much as possible without fear that your followers will steal the book that should have been yours! For every ten people that reblog this, I will give away one book — that means you have a ten percent chance of getting a free book just by hitting reblog!

You don’t need to follow me or anything (although it would be great if you did!) in order to win; anyone who has reblogged this post by December 18th will be entered and the winners randomly drawn.

Thank you, and good luck!

tl;dr reblog for free books!

Hey guys I know some of you have books coming already, but I’m doing one of those annoying reblog contests for my bookbinding blog and if you could spread the word that would be great!

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Hey! It’s become apparent to me that although I would love to return to Tumblr well before Christmas, the fact that I am hand-making a good majority of the gifts I am giving this year means that to do so would put me well behind my work schedule. I miss being on Tumblr, but for my own continued sanity and for the sake of the friends and family receiving these items, I’m going to stay off it for the most part until my work it done.

It’s currently Hannukah, so HAPPY HANNUKAH to all those who celebrate it! A more generic happy holidays to those who don’t! I hope your December is going well.

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Note: that last post does not mean I am back (yet). It had been queued for months. Yes, that’s the kind of thing I plan for.

This is also a queued message.

I will be back eventually. 

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breaking my self-Tumblr ban because holy shit

EDIT: In case it’s unclear, this is from New York City, tonight. This is what’s going on there NOW, at 14th and FDR.

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I’m not actually back yet because I think the break is doing well for me but I felt like I had to share the thought I just had: Disney Princesses (and Princes) as SUPERHEROES. Cinderella would be all Sailor Moon like, and Ariel would be like Aquaman with siren powers, and Mulan would have super strength and speed, and Belle would be a tech genius would a robot army (or just a flat-out cyborg), and Aladdin would He-Man transform into Ali Ababwa with Genie as his sidekick (well, one of many), and Tiana would be a shapeshifter, and so on and so forth

now back to your previously scheduled hibernation